Meet Stan Cho

My name is Stan Cho, and I’m a second-generation Korean-Canadian who is proud to call Willowdale home. Born on September 14, 1977, and raised in Toronto, my story is a familiar one to lots of Canadians.

My dad immigrated to Toronto from South Korea without knowing the language or culture, but he understood something essential about this place: as long as you’re not afraid of hard work there are opportunities here for everyone. He started working at a Beck’s convenience store, that was his first real job. He worked long hours in order to bring my mom and grandparents to Canada.

Eventually he got his real estate licence and opened his own brokerage, and that became our family business. I’m extremely grateful to my parents, not just for the life they were able to give me and my two siblings, but for the values they instilled in us.

I was born in Rexdale but moved to Willowdale when I was around 8 years old. I attended York Mills Collegiate and eventually the University of Toronto where I played varsity Rugby and served in the student government.

After university I started out in a low-level position at Mercedes Benz Credit and worked my way up to become one of their auditors. There, I got the chance to travel all over Ontario, from Toronto to Kapuskasing, and I saw firsthand what makes all of our communities, both big and small, so strong and so distinct. Our diversity. I returned home to help my dad run our family real estate business about fourteen years ago and have been managing the brokerage for the past five so my dad could retire.

I got into politics because I believe we need to protect the legacy our parents worked so hard to leave behind for us — the idea that Canada is a place where there will always be opportunities for hardworking people to make their lives and the lives of their children better.

Part of what makes our country and our community so special is the power we all have to change it. I realized I had to do more. Together with your help we can make life in Ontario better.

I look forward to meeting you.


Stan Cho, Member of Provincial Parliament, Willowdale